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Asylum I swear to god, if you’re doing what I think you’re doing you’d better stop that right now this isn’t even funny you need to quit it.

I’m not doing anything. What do you think I’m doing?

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Don’t feel sorry for me. Feel sorry for the people who did this to me. For surely, one day they will feel my wrath and suffer a fate worse than my own.

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phantasmaxgorias started following you

                                                     There’s s i l e n c e.
              Breaths heavy.
                                           Gloved hands clasped over the axe handle.
                  He’s trying to fight off a panic.
          The Asylum…
                                                              It’s warning him.
                                Something else is here.

          It’s not familiar. Not his Book, nor was it the familiar steps of his friend.
                       The first doppelganger.
                                                         Teeth are clenching together.
             His own steps falling in sync with the strangers.
                          Something’s dripping off of his sweater.
                                                Off the a x e.
                                 D r i p. 

        Ignore it.
  It doesn’t matter.     
                                                                         Only removing the threat.
                           It wasn’t any of the ones he recognized.
         It was a t h r e a t to them.

              He’s running
                                the axe is lifted.
                                                  Vision is blurred with… r a g e.
              He’s bringing it down- aiming to hit the source.
                                   ”G̹̱̜͈͉e̩t̛̝̦̙̹̻ ̠σ͚̳̻̦̭ υ҉̭ ̮т̜̜͈͘!͎͖̟”
                                                               Why am I angry?
Why do I want to k i l l you?!

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She was stood by the wall, a good way away from him. Her arms were firmly folded across her chest.

     ”It’s quiet in here.” Her gentle voice broke the silence. Her hazel eyes slowly glanced over the room before settling on the him.

     "How do you cope sometimes? Surely your thoughts are loud."

Speaking from past experience are we, April?

                                                  He noticed.
           She was keeping a w a y from him, and.. it was understood.

                                  No one wanted to be near a  m u r d e r e r. Not even himself.
             Simon glances up, head tilting slightly, the gun half opened, in the middle of cleaning the barrel from the inside. 

                                     ”I̛̘̺ d͕̹o͏̗̥̥̗̞̤n͙̜͝ͅ’̩t͎ͅ.̟̰͙̭͖
                                                             ”I don’t have ʇıɯǝ for m̖͚͚̱͖y̵s̛̻̠e̯̙̫̟̣͢l̹̥͈͓̠̲f̬.
                     Ah. S t a t i c  laced his voice     Distorting it.
                                         Sounded like a monster.
            H e h

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Maybe this would bring my little shit back. Dialling the time back to shortly before Immobile has told the truth to Simon. 

;; I loved the thread, but my muse has been gone since that happened. Everything after this post is assumed to be non canon, with few exceptions.

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